Berwyn 1920


The Berwyn District Civic Association was organized about 1920 which aided materially in the orderly development of the entire area. Early workers in this community group were Herbert Smith, Walter Mulligan, Arthur Gahan, William Duvall, Raymond Burch, Charles Sayre, Harry McNaraee, F. Wiser, and many other good civic-minded citizens willing to devote their time and energies to the advancement and improvement of the area.


    There was also close cooperation with the Branchville Improvement Association and the Commissioners of the Town of Berwyn Heights. Considerable money for community betterment was raised through the joint effort of these groups each summer by the never-to-be-forgotten annual "carnivals". "Old Berwyn" was a wonderful place to live, with good neighbors and all one could ask in the early days. Time and the population growth soon required more planning and services to the people which finally led to the joining of the surrounding sections in the formation of the City of College Park