Berwyn 1900


In 1900, an electric carline, known as "Washington and Suburban Railway", later called "City and Suburban Railway", and finally merged with "D.C. Transit Company", was built from downtown Washington, with its terminus at Berwyn Road. Later it extended on to Branchville Road and finally was extended to Laurel. It maintained regularly scheduled service for many years. The north end (from Branchville to Laurel and to Beltsville) was discontinued some years ago and recently all service was completely discontinued, and bus service installed. This electric carline was highly instrumental in the building and developing of the entire area, as before this service we had only the local trains on the B&O Railroad. 'Tis the trend of the times and we'll soon have other means of rapid transit (the monorail and the helicopter).


 Also, in 1900, a local newspaper began publication which carried much neighborhood news and State and National items of interest. It was known as the "Berwyn News" and was edited by Judge John T. Burch. Publication was discontinued in 1908 upon the death of Judge Burch.